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Stick and Poke TATTOO KIT - LARGE Box of 86 Hand Poke Tattooing Supplies



Get ready to elevate your tattoo game with our Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit. A Large Box of 86 Hand Poke Tattooing Supplies.

This comprehensive kit has all the essential tools to bring your creative vision to life and create unforgettable tattoos!

This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to create stunning and meaningful body art, from needles and inks to instructional materials and tattoo designs. Say goodbye to the costly and time-consuming process of visiting a professional tattoo artist, and embrace the freedom and creativity this kit provides.

Bonus Bundle: Guide to Stick and Poke Tattooing + 260 Tattoo Designs

Inside your box is a QR to take you to the bundle page. It also has a 100% discount code for you to use at checkout. You will get a link for instant download.

What's in your Box?

This Single Needle Tattoo Kit Contains: 

  • 1 x 30ml Stick & Poke Black Liner Tattoo Ink
  • 10 x 3RL Stick & Poke Tattoo Needles
  • 10 x 5RL Stick & Poke Tattoo Needles
  • 10 x 7RL Stick & Poke Tattoo Needles
  • 10 x 9RL Stick & Poke Tattoo Needles
  • 1 x Hand Poke Tattoo Tool
  • 5 x Grommets for Hand Poke Tool
  • 3 x Razors with Shaving Cream
  • 1 x Needle Wrap Tape (Black)
  • 15 x Ink Cups
  • 3 x Sachets of Aftercare Cream
  • 3 x Pairs of Medical Gloves
  • 3 x Large Clear Plasters (18cm x 15cm)
  • 3 x Sheets of A4 Transfer Paper
  • 3 x 15ml Bottles of Transfer Gel
  • 3 x Medical Surface Coverings (Black)
  • 1 x Stick & Poke Book (digital download)
  • 260 x Tattoo Stencil Designs (digital download)

What is a Stick & Poke Tattoo?

Stick & Poke is a method of tattooing. The tattoo process is the same as using a tattoo machine, but the needle is hand powered. Fundamentally, hand poke tattooing is using a sharp point to deposit an ink pigment into one’s skin to leave a permanent mark.

The method is very simple, and that’s often the appeal. There is no aggressive machine buzz or equipment. Rather, just a needle and ink. It generally doesn’t hurt as much as a machine tattoo either. This is because its less invasive and also means the skin heals quicker.

This kit contains instructions regarding tattoo technique, how the equipment works, hygiene, aftercare and some references to design ideas. This will be sent in a PDF via email.

Discreet Packaging Included. 

Jana Page: "This kit is amazing! got everything you need :)"

Melvin Yeong: "Had loads of fun! great first experience."

Gabriele Liaugminaite: "The package came fast and everything looks very clean. The instructions are easy to understand. Thank you so much!"

Ezri Day: "Excellent. I don't know how single needle could improve their service."

Charlotte Bromhead: "It came on time, came with everything neatly in the box with instructions that was so helpful, will buy from them gain and would recommend!"

Gabriel Rocheleau: "Exceptional quality and attention to detail. Shipped fast to Canada. Thank you!"

Alexis Wray: "Picked it up today from the mailbox and I'm excited to finally start pokin!"