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Will Stick & Poke Tattoos Fade?

Hand poke tattoos are certainly unique and of significant difference to machine made tattoos in many ways, however one similarity they share is that they are both permanent. Although this fact remains, it is important to remember that all tattoos do change over time. All the fine lines and small details of a stick and pokes will need some attention as time progresses.

Getting a stick and poke tattoo can produce a range of results as years progress. The human body continuously changes, therefore tattoos being part of bodies will inevitably change too. The average tattoo touch up should be performed within 5-10 years of the initial tattoo being obtained. This time frame is relatively dependent upon the quality of the actual tattoo, its style, size and also the placement.

Another factor that can have a direct correlation to whether or not the tattoo will fade, is how well you take care of it. Correct attention and care right after completing the body art and progressively over time are both crucial to ensuring that it does not fade.

Here are a few common tips and tricks that will aid in ensuring the tattoo is as long lasting as possible:

  • Using the correct ink and following the right process.

    Within the world of stick and poke tattooing, one of the most crucial aspects of the entire procedure is using the correct quality of ink. Using a professional-grade ink will certainly offer much better results than India ink. Check out our recommended ink here
  • Poking to the correct depth.

    If, when creating the tattoo, the needle has been poked too shallow then the ink will not hold as well and the tattoo will be more likely to fade. If you poke too deep on the other hand, then you will have the unfortunate “blow out” effect. This is where the ink begins to spread beneath the skin and the lines being created will start to blend together.
  • Sunlight

    You must always beware of long-term exposure of your tattoo to the sun. Limit your time spent in direct sunlight with your tattoo exposed. I needed, apply sunscreen to your tattoo anytime it’s exposed.
  • Proper skincare

    It is of upmost importance that you keep the tattooed area moisturised. Try and get into the habit of applying a fairly thin layer of moisturiser every day, even once your tattoo has fully healed. Check out our range of aftercare products here. 
  • Fading with regards to placement

    Any stick and poke tattoos that have been performed on your hands, fingers, feet, toes or elbows are not recommended. There is not a lot of fatty tissues on these areas of our bodies and therefore they are less resilient to fading.

The crucial thing to take away from this is that tattoos really are permanent. The only was that you will be able to remove tattoos is through the means of laser removal surgery, regardless of whether it is a stick and poke tattoo or a machine made one.


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