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What's the real difference between machine and stick and poke tattoos?

We won't beat around the bush, the difference between the two styles is in the technique. The main difference lies in how the ink is inserted into the skin. A stick and poke tattoo is created using a sterilized needle (check out our previous blogs for more information). In contrast, machine tattoos have a small motor that moves the needle up and down very quickly in a cyclic pattern.

Stick and poke tattooing is an intimate and manual process. Using a sterilized tattoo needle, a grip, and some safe ink, hand poked tattoos are achieved by a series of individual punctures made over and over into the skin. Granted, this is a slower process than a traditional tattoo, but it allows users to create unique designs with a true DIY feel.

Tattoo machines allow the artist to deposit more ink in a short span of time with solid lines forming in a matter of minutes.

Both hand poke and machine tattooing processes penetrate the skin deeply enough to produce an attractive tattoo. However, tattoo machines are preferable for those looking to get large-scale work done. This is because machines are able to deliver the end result more quickly. On the other hand, some people prefer the organic experience of getting a hand poked piece.

For us, the main difference is that we prefer the quiet, meditative process of stick and poke tattooing, it helps to build a foundation of understanding that lays beneath the art we all love. You appreciate each small segment of the design, and the final result is much more rewarding. 

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