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Two Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Stick & Poke Tattoo

Although you may be certain that the decision has been made in your head, it is crucial to consider these two points before fully committing to the process of a stick and poke tattoo.

What design do I want?

Arguably the most thoroughly enjoyable part of stick and poke is achieving and finalising the finished tattoo, however there can also be a large amount of pleasure drawn from the creation of the design. Due to the method required for performing stick and poke tattoos, it is important to try and stick to relatively small and simple designs. If it is a more complex design that you desire, you may be better off seeking the help of a professional tattoo artist in a professional studio. This, of course, does not apply if the person intending to perform the stick and poke are talented or experienced in this particular area. Repetition and practice are fundamental to getting you the result you want.


You must understand that the design you are placing upon yourself or someone else is one of your own making. Minimalism when choosing a design can go a long way, especially when it comes down to performing the stick and poke itself.  You should decide on a design that will always be relevant to you (or the person getting it), something timeless and with meaning behind it. You don’t want to have something permanent on your body that you will later regret. If on the other hand you don’t ‘give any fucks’ and are happy to have random designs and live in the moment, then that decision is up to you. The choice is always yours.

Where do I want the design?

Something to consider if you plan to tattoo yourself, is where you intend to place the design and how easy it will be for you to perform the stick and poke. Depending on your particular design you could potentially be poking for a few hours at a time, therefore awkward places to tattoo yourself – such as shoulders or chest – may not be the best idea if you intend to stick and poke yourself.


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