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The pros and cons of stick and poke tattoos

The pros and cons of stick and poke tattoos

Still unsure about whether to enter the world of stick and poke tattoos? We’ve got you covered. Let’s cover some of the pros and cons.


  1. Cheap – Even though we love stick and pokes so much, the reality is you’re still gonna need cash to get one. However, in comparison to industry alternatives, stick and poke tattoos don't have to cost you more than £3 - £4. That’s inclusive of the ink, needles, thread etc. The value for money is what makes them so great!
  2. Control – We’ve spoken about this before but it’s one of the most significant pros. The DIY element of stick and poke tattoos is what makes them so great. When you're tattooing yourself, you are in complete control of how the creation looks. Even if it looks off, it's still your creation to own. They’re also extremely personal, and that's a feeling we always want from a tattoo.
  3. Enjoyment – We can’t really explain this, but there’s something special about tattooing yourself. Having professional tattoos just doesn’t really create the same unique feeling. You’ll only understand this if you’ve got one before.



  1. Safety - Before doing a stick and poke tattoo, you should always sterilise your needle and other equipment in order to avoid infection. But the sad truth is that there is always a risk, and that risk is higher if you’re untrained. However, let’s be clear, if you know what you’re doing there shouldn’t be any issues!
  2. Unpredictability - Stick and pokes are not built to last in some cases, but that’s not always a bad thing right? While they do fade quicker and easier, it’s somewhat refreshing to re-touch them and update them as time progresses. Yes, it's likely they won't grow old with you, but this reduces the risk and responsibility of the entire process.


Let’s face it, we may be biased when it comes to stick and pokes. However, we’re truly passionate about the stick and poke process! Everything will always come with pros and cons. It’s up to you to make the decision and run with it!


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