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The benefits of tattoos

Its no secret that many people perceive tattoos to be unsafe or risky when it comes to our health and well-being. However, its quite the opposite. In this blog, we will cover a number of benefits that can come as a result of getting a tattoo. 

Interestingly, tattoos can stimulate and strengthen our immune systems. Why? Well, when the immune system detects a foreign invader in your body, it sends antibodies to attack them. This is exactly what happens when you get a tattoo. Your body attacks the foreign invader of tattoo ink before eventually accepting the ink. During this process, the immune system becomes stronger through its efforts to combat the ink. Pretty cool right?

Tattoos can also reduce stress levels, something we could all do with right now! Tattoos have actually been found to reduce cortisol levels, reducing pressure within the body. This helps to combat problems related to high levels of cortisol, such as migraines, headaches, blood pressure and weight gain. 

Tattoos can also help with employability. The classic perception is that tattoos are a negative thing during the recruitment process. However, companies now look for candidates that are different and have a story to tell. They can actually spark conversation within an interview, providing an opportunity to express yourself more clearly. We aren't encouraging you to cover yourself in ink, but a few tattoos can certainly help express your individuality. 

Finally, and most obviously, tattoos improve self-esteem! Having body art can really help with self-confidence and make you an all round happier person. Who is anyone to say you shouldn't have tattoos? We love them! Tattoos are a great way to bond and socialise with others. If they make you happy, then get them. Simple as that. 

We hope we've broken the stigma when it comes to the opinions surrounding tattoos. As you can see, they provide more benefits than you think!

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