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How to get the practice you need.

Here at Single Needle, ever since we first started selling our kits, we were confident that the products that we produce are safe.

Having spent many years in an around the niche market of tattooing, speaking to hundreds of clients, health professionals and professional tattoo artists, we achieved the confidence to say that Single Needle would be able to provide a hygienic stick and poke kit that would allow anyone to give themselves a homemade tattoo without any infection or risk.

However, we appreciate some people may still be reluctant. So, we offer silicone practice skins to remove the nerves. Practicing on these pieces of equipment will allow you to practice your technique, review your results and improve your ability to perform stick and poke tattoos. Regardless of whether the tattoo you plan to perform is relatively advanced or not, we still suggest that practice skins are a great place to start for newcomers. 

These skins allow you to practice the basics but also organise your workspace. These avoids mishaps like ink spillage, fallen equipment and even injury. 

However, some people may want a cheaper alternative to our skins. That's cool. The easiest way to practice your skills guessed it...DRAWING. Having good drawing skills will help you greatly with using tattoo needles. It must be remembered however, that handling a tattoo needle and using an actual pen or pencil is considerably different. So bare that in mind. 

The biggest takeaway is, make sure you practice. Some people dive in without fully understanding the size of the task. You can easily create a terrible design that you would hate to have on your skin. Therefore, practice is essential to ensure a better outcome. This can be through drawing or our silicone skins. 

For all your stick and poke needs, explore our website today. 



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