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The stick and poke tattoo – A less painful experience?

There’s no way around it, tattoos hurt. That’s the bottom line. Even so, some can hurt more than others. Stick and poke tattoos are no different. Let’s face it, almost all body modifications are likely to be painful, this is the case with piercings, surgery etc. The question is, how much will it hurt? The main thing to consider with tattoos is that the pain will depend on a number of factors. These include personal physiology, pain tolerance, the technique of the tattoo artist, etc.  

Despite the pain associated with tattoos overall, many people have said that both the pain, and the healing process, are much easier with a stick and poke tattoo. However, we must remember that this is a matter of opinion. For example, some people think that lining a tattoo hurts way more than shading a tattoo, but others think the exact opposite.

The general consensus is hand-poked tattoos hurt quite a bit less. After speaking with numerous users of the technique, they appeared to feel a weak stinging sensation compared to that of a burn you are likely to get from a traditional machine. This is rather obvious as a machine will be making considerably more small holes than a hand-poked tattoo will. As is the case with all tattoos, stick and poke can still leave you feeling a little sore and swollen, but machines can leave you raw. It has actually been said that the healing process is more painful than the tattooing itself when using this technique.

Of course this is all relatively subjective, as the overall pain will depend on the person. Location will also play a hugely significant role in the pain as more sensitive areas of the body will yield more painful responses. Despite this, we feel a stick and poke tattoo will be generally less painless throughout the entire process. This includes both the application and the healing process that follows.  


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