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Jamie Beach

Art has always been a point of connection for me, weather it be with my inner voice or with the world around me.  It is a place where I go to heal, explore and grow.  My soul is closely tied to the patterns of nature and I strive to reflect this in my art.

Have you always been a tattoo artist? 

I have been tattooing sense May 2017.  It's hard to say exactly how I got into tattooing because it was a life time of dedication to art and a lot of small but important choices that lead me to where I am now.  My 5 year old son was a big inspiration in taking the leap into the world of a full time artist; I want to be the example that says "You can follow you heart and make a life from it, if you are willing to work hard and trust in the process." I was also lucky enough to find a few great artist who truly inspired me in life and the tattoo world who were willing to helped guide me to where I am now. 


What was it like the first time you put needle and ink to skin?  

The first time I ever put ink into skin was on my own body.  I started out simple, just a basic triangle on my right ankle.  I would say despite the first time jitters, I knew that my art had finally found its home.  

Do you have any memorable/ funny stories you can tell? 

I would say my most memorable tattoo to date is getting to tattoo a two time breast cancer survivor on her breasts over her mastectomy scars.  To use my art as a way to bring beauty back to her body, after s long painful battle with cancer was truly an experience like nothing else. 

Why do you prefer hand-poking to machine tattooing? 

 I love hand-poke for its softer more gentle approach and the fact that it is the roots of where tattooing came from. 

What would you recommend to someone who wanted to start tattooing?  

Tattooing is a form of artwork, the reason I say this is because it is truly work.  You should love to draw and be doing it everyday.  I would recommend finding tattoo artists that inspire you and getting tattooed by them.  

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to handpoke tattooing? 

Be intentional with all your work and sketches.

So Single Needle Tattoo Kits, I believe that home tattooing is inherently risky, but people have, and will continue to tattoo themselves, therefore making a safe and affordable kit is the way forward... What's your take on this? 

I personally don't recommend anyone tattooing at home, I believe finding a shop that is clean and respectable is always your safest, smartest option. However, if someone is going to go the kitchen table tattoo route, single use authentic tattoo supplies are a must.

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